Damaged And No Longer Under Warranty (A Novel; Infinity's Trinity: Book 2)

The Paraverse seemed like the answer to humanity's problem. But, like a cheap cosmic knockoff, the jury-rigged realm is no longer the "soul sanctuary" Paul Tomenko and his lovers (Maggie Mae Monahan and Allie Briarsworth) thought they had established. In the sequel to Damaged Beyond All Recognition, the fight for forevermore must focus on faith while enlisting help from humanity's most deadly adversary: the mosquito.

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Damaged And The Parts Are On Backorder (A Short Story Anthology; Infinity's Trinity: Book 3)

Allie Briarsworth's distrubing visions of the disintegrating Paraverse are chronicled for a reason: to provide its displaced souls with a glimpse of what can happen if they lose their faith. In a series of stories that are reminiscent of Rod Serling's "The Twilight Zone," Allie details some of the twisted laws of nature that threatened her DNA-duplicate "sisters" across the replacement realm.

Damaged Due To Faulty Wiring (A Novel; Infinity's Trinity: Book 4)

For the second time in his young life, Christopher Kassidy has lost his soulmate. Like his previous lover (Allexandra Bjorklund), Nicole Tazza has vanished. What makes Christopher's situation even more troubling is that Allex and Nikki are the only soulmates to have ever disappeared on Earth II, a planet populated by "merged" humans. Is Christopher a psychopath who has devised an undetectable method of eliminating the women he loves from eternal life? Or, is there an expanding flaw in the framework of the new universe created by The Trinity?

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A parallel universe that is falling apart
Allie's visions of an apocalypse
A world of merged souls